Other activities

Talk by Anne Xuan Nguyen, F.R.S.-FNRS PhD Fellow (REPI-SciencePo ULB), on the ongoing legacy, persistent issues, and implications from the use of agent orange during vietnam' s american war. San Diego State University (California), 19 November 2019

Elisa Lopez Lucia participated in the roundtable on 'Mobilizing Multinational Military Operations in #Africa: Quick Fixes or Sustainable Solutions?’, Chatham House, 25 October 2019

Présentation des résulats de recherche de Giulia Prelz Oltramonti  sur les économies politiques des conflits au Caucase à Chatham House dans le cadre d'un workshop intitulé 'Engagement with Breakaway Territories: Moving Conflict Resolution Forward or Reinforcing a Status Quo?’ 15 mai 2019

Présentation du rapport de recherche d'Elisa Lopez Lucia sur l’UE au Mali : 'The European Union integrated and regionalised approach towards the Sahel’ à Chatham House lors d’un workshop intitulé 'Sahelian Security in Flux’, 13 mai 2019

Performing Preemption - A Political Sociology of NATO's Counterterrorism Imaginaries in the Mediterranean Sea: paper presentation by Julien Pomarède, ECPR Joint Sessions of Workshops, Workshop 27: The Politics of Security Knowledge Negociation, 10 April 2019, Mons, Belgium

The Politics of Security Knowledge Negotiation: workshop organised by Elisa Lopez Lucia (Workshop Director) & Maria Martin de Almagro (Workshop Co-Director), ECPR Joint Sessions of Workshops, 9-12 April 2019, Mons, Belgium

Participation d'Isaline Bergamaschi, Xavier Gillard et Julien Jeandesboz à la GLOBE winter school in International Relations (Leysin, Switzerland), 11-15 février 2019 → programme