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Auteur(s): BEERLI Monique, McCLUSKEY Emma, BIGO Didier & BASARAN Tugba Editions: Brill Année: 2020 Monique Beerli  (with Emma McCluskey, Didier Bigo, & Tugba Basaran): Editorial in Political Anthropological Research on International Social Sciences (PARISS)

The Disappearance of the “Model Muslim Minority” in Xi Jinping’s China: Intended Policy or Side Effect?

Auteur(s): GONUL Hacer & ROGENHOFER Julius M. Editions: University of the Philippines Collection: Philippine Journal of Public Policy: Interdisciplinary Development Perspectives Année: 2019 Abstract: This article critically examines how securitization campaigns by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) turn the country’s Muslim minorities into potential threats, while simultaneously seeking…