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I am a PhD candidate in Political Science at the ULB and a researcher at the Observatoire des Mondes Arabes et Musulmans (OMAM) under the supervision of Prof. Jihane Sfeir. My research focuses on EU foreign politics in Egypt, and more precisely on how European interests have shaped the EU's answer to the Egyptian revolution of 2011. Before pursuing a PhD, I graduated from a master degree in development studies with great distinction at the ULB in 2020. I was an intern at the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung in Cairo from September to December 2019, where I analysed the opportunities and challenges of implementing a social protection floor and universal healthcare in Egypt. I also completed an internship at EuroMed Rights from January to June 2021, where I principally worked on EU Member States interests and foreign policies in Egypt in order to elaborate effective lobbying strategies.   

My PhD research intends to analyse the political impact of the lobbies on the EU decision making process in post-revolutionnary Egypt (2011-2021).

Domaines d'intérêt
  • Euro-Mediterranean Relations, and more particularly with Egypt
  • EU Foreign and Security Policy in its southern Neighbourhood
  • EU response to the Arab Spring
  • EU Member States interests in Egypt
Travaux sélectionnés

RUYFFELAERE, M (2021) European and like-minded States in Egypt: interests at the expense of human rights, policy brief, EuroMed Rights, available at: 

RUYFFELAERE, M (2020) La promotion de la démocratie en Méditerranée. Les politiques de l’Union européenne en Égypte postrévolutionnaire, mémoire de master en sciences de la population et du développement sous la direction de Jihane Sfeir