Armed groups and the politics of international legitimacy

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International workshop organised by ULB & University of Bremen. Scientific Committee: Stephan Hensell (University of Bremen) & Christian Olsson (ULB).

Non-state armed groups are central actors in contemporary civil wars. The academic debate in the last years has addressed various aspects of these groups such as their formation, violent repertoires or forms of rule. The crucial role of the international legitimacy of these groups, however, has not been addressed in depth. The aim of the workshop is to address this gap and to advance a comparative and historically informed understanding of the legitimacy politics which revolves around armed groups and which takes the agency of non-state violent actors in international relations seriously. How and why do armed groups become legitimate actors in international politics? Starting from this question, the workshop discusses case specific studies covering different world regions and historical contexts since 1945. The workshop brings together scholars from various disciplines and encompass contributions from IR, History and Sociology.

August 31st - September 2nd 2022 @Université libre de Bruxelles [Closed event]