Conceptualising Cyber Diplomacy

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The aim of this workshop is to bring all the CYDIPLO network teachers and researchers together and to build understanding within the project of a range of perspectives on cyber diplomacy, what it is, how we understand it from different academic disciplines, and how we can use the multidisciplinary expertise in the project to further the main project activities and outputs.  As well as a series of roundtable discussion, the workshop will include talks from those actively involved in cyber diplomacy and leading academics in the field.  Day 1 of the workshop will be open to the public via Zoom.  Day 2 will be for network researchers only.

Outputs: The workshop will result in detailed plans for delivery of the MOOCTeaching ExchangesSpecial Issue and Handbook.  An Issue Brief on Theorising Cyber Diplomacy will also be published and the Workshop will serve as the official launch of the project. 

Keynote speakers:

  • Dr Andre Barrinha, University of Bath (EPSRC)
  • Dr Antonio Missiroli, Leiden University (ISGA)

This event will be hosted by Leiden University. However, due to COVID-19 restriction, the workshop will be held online. Login details will be communicated after mandatory registration via this link

Program Day 1 (25 March 2021):

Welcome to CYDIPLO and the Workshop (09:30)
Keynote talk 1: André Barrinha (09:40)
Roundtable 1 - International Relations (IR) Perspectives on Cyber Diplomacy (10:45)
Keynote talk 2: Antonio Missiroli (13:00)
Roundtable 2 - Legal Perspectives on Cyber Diplomacy (14:00)
Roundtable 3 - Perspectives on Cyber Diplomacy: Psychology, the Tech Sector and Gender (15:15)
Roundtable 4 - Technical Perspectives on Cyber Diplomacy (16:30)
Closing remarks (17:30)

Download the flyer (PDF)

More information on the CYDIPLO Website