Max Weber in Kampala. On the Dialectics of Rationalization

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Research seminar

Presentation by Prof. Klaus Schlichte, University of Bremen, Institute for International and Intercultural Studies (InIIS)

Moderator: Prof. Isaline Bergamaschi, Université libre de Bruxelles - REPI


That capitalism would bring about the rationalization of societies is one main tenet of Max Weber's theory of modernity. Surprisingly, this idea is not dead. Developmental aid and "partnerships" between Western and African governments can largely be interpreted as attempts to rationalize how African societies are ruled and function. This presentation will analyse the intricate dynamics of these attempts, their built-in contradictions, and what it all means for our understanding of international relations writ large.

Klaus Schlichte is Professor of International Relations and World Society at the University of Bremen, Germany. He held several positions at other German universities and taught as a Visiting Professor at University of Washington, Seattle, at Science Po, Paris, and at the OECD Academy in Bishkek. His main research fields are the sociology of war and states, and the historical sociology of international relations more generally. He has conducted research in Mali, Senegal, Uganda, France and Serbia. His main publications are “Dynamics of States” (ed., Aldershot 2005) and “The State in World Society” (in German; Frankfurt/M. 2005); “In the Shadow of Violence. The politics of armed groups” (Frankfurt/M. Campus; Chicago UP 2009) and “Theories on Violence” (in German, with Teresa Koloma Beck, Hamburg: Junius 2014). Further articles appeared in International Political Sociology, Armed Forces and Society, Civil Wars, European Journal of Sociology, Politische Vierteljahresschrift, Zeitschrift für Internationale Beziehungen, Geoforum and other journals and edited volumes.

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Thursday April 25th2019, 12:00-2:00 pm

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Solbosch Campus, Kant Room

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