Offering it for Gun and God: Finding the Configuration of Shia Nonstate Armed Actors from Below

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Research Seminar

Presented by Dr Younes Saramifar, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam & Université libre de Bruxelles

Moderator: Jihane SFEIR, Associate Professor, Université libre de Bruxelles - REPI


What sustains civilians’ motivations to join Islamist militias and endanger their lives fighting against armed groups? Besides religious-worldviews, what other sociocultural processes strengthen the radical commitments of armed non-state militants? Combat-experiences like group-solidarity or enjoying handling weaponry further encourage volunteer militants after religious-worldviews motivate them. These experiences generate combat-resilience among militants within the sociocultural settings of trainings and battlefields then, the combat-resilience consolidates their commitments and radicalization. Therefore, I argue radicalization is affirmed by sociocultural processes beside religious-worldviews. To counter recruitment cycles and campaigns, I propose analysts should thus focus on social practices that produce combat-resilience.

Younes Saramifar is a conflict anthropologist and he conducted an ethnography of Hezbollah training camps in Lebanon. Nowadays, he researches the texture and contours of violence among Shi’i militants in Iraq and Syria.

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Monday April 29th2019, 12-2 pm


Solbosch Campus, Kant Room

Avenue F. Roosevelt 39

1050 Bruxelles

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