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Institut d'études européennes (bureau R41.4.201)
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Université libre de Bruxelles
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Contactez-moi si vous faites partie d'un projet politique de défense des droits de femmes, des minorités et réfugiés, des êtres humains en général, pour la paix, le développement et la justice sociale; et que vous pensez que je pourrais vous offrir de l'aide / Please contact me by email if you are part of a progressive political project (for women and minority rights, refugee groups and human beings in general, peace, development and social justice) and think I could provide assistance.
+32 (0)2 650 32 27

Isaline Bergamaschi investigates the sociology of international development and the appropriation of foreign aid in countries of the global South. Her current research focuses on the ongoing transformations of international intervention in Mali and Colombia's South-South cooperation policy. She also has an interest in North-South asymetries and relationships in diverse international settings such as social movements and multilateral organisations such as the OECD/ Development Assistance Committee.

Before being appointed at the ULB, she was a doctoral candidate at SciencesPo/ CERI in Paris, a temporary lecturer (ATER in French) at Paris 1-Panthéon Sorbonne (2009-2011) and an assistant professor at Universidad de los Andes (2012-2015) in Bogota. She was a fellow at the Käte Hamburger Kolleg/Center for Global Cooperation research of the University of Duisburg-Essen in 2014 and has been an assistant editor for the Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding since 2013.


Domaines d'intérêt

I am interested in supervising students willing to investigate , the foreign policies of countries of the Global South, development and aid, International Political Economy.

More specifically, I would be happy to supervise thesis dealing with:

  • French (Serval) and international interventions in Mali (UN peace-keeping) and its legitimacy/legitimation to different audiences (in France, in Mali, at the Un, etc.)
  • military narratives (books and memories) about operation Serval
  • the development-security nexus in Mali/the Sahel
  • Colombia's foreign policy
  • Globalization
Informations secrétariat

Office hours: Wednesday 2-4 pm

Présentation des enseignements

I teach courses of International Relations, Development Studies, Foreign Policy Analysis, International Political Economy and a course called Africa in the World.

Présentation des recherches

My research is focused on the sociology of international development, intervention and foreign aid in the global South, with a special focus on Mali and, more recently, Colombia. My current research agenda is two-fold:

  1. Following the multi-dimensional crisis in Mali since 2012, I am currently scrutinising the ongoing transformations of international intervention in Mali under the influence of humanitarian actors (emergency ONGs and UN specialised agencies), military and security actors (French operation Serval) and the Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission (Minusma) launched in July 2013. While Mali’s political crisis has caused a crisis of the previous aid regime, the modus operandi and purposes and processes of international involvement in Mali have shifted from development assistance for poverty reduction and aid efficiency towards a more fragmented superimposition of objectives and organisations acting in a more complex and competitive environment. My current research seeks to inform those changes, trace the processes of their legitimation and acceptance amongst different fragments of Malian society and government and account for their political effects, i.e. the way Malian politics is played out.
  2. On the other hand, I am developing research projects on the role of Southern countries in the global aid regime. My focus is on the OCDE/Development Assistance Committee on the one hand, and on South-South cooperation on the other. I have a special interest in Colombia's South-South and triangular cooperation policy.
Travaux sélectionnés

Edited Volumes

With Phoebe Moore, Arlene Tickner (eds), South-South Cooperation Beyond the Myths: Politics, Knowledge, Practices, Palgrave (International Political Economy Series), in print, forthcoming 2016

Contributions to the volume:

  • With Arlene B. Tickner, “South-South Cooperation beyond the myths: Rising donors, new practices? An Introduction”
  • With Arlene B. Tickner and Jimena Durán, “Going South to reach the North? The case of Colombia”                                    
  • With Jimena Durán, “Concluding Remarks: SSC Experiences Compared, and the Way Forward”

Articles in Journals 

1. With Soulé-Kohndou Folashadé, « Los emergentes del Sur ante la gobernanza mundial de la ayuda al desarrollo: estrategias reformadoras, rivalidades y tentativas », Foro Internacional (Colegio de México), vol.56, n°1, January-March 2016

2. Bergamaschi Isaline, “The fall of a donor darling: the role of aid in Mali's crisis”, Journal of Modern African Studies, 2014, 52:3, pp. 347 - 378

3. “French Military Intervention in Mali: Inevitable, Consensual, and Insufficient”, Stability: International Journal of Security and Development, 2013, 2(2): 20, pp. 1-11

4. « Appropriation et lutte contre la pauvreté au Mali: Interprétations, pratiques et discours concurrents », Revue Tiers Monde, 2011, vol. 205, nº1, pp. 135-50 (English version:

5. “Assess, Influence and Govern. Data and Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers in Mali”, Capital, Labour and Society, 2010, vol. 42, n°1/2, pp. 116-139 

Working Papers

1. The Politics of Aid and Poverty Reduction in Africa: A Conceptual Proposal and the Case of Mali (Global Cooperation Research Papers 16). Duisburg: Käte Hamburger Kolleg/Centre for Global Cooperation Research (KHK/GCR21), 2016:

Book Contributions

  1. With Nez Héloïse and Navarro-Rodríguez Tania, “Latin American Activists at the World Social Forum: Reflections on the Relationships between the Alter-Globalist Movement and Institutional Politics” (chapter 7), in Siméant Johanna, Pommerolle Marie-Emmanuelle and Sommier Isabelle (eds), Observing an International Mobilisation from a Place: The World Social Forum in Dakar (2011), Amsterdam University Press (New Protest and Social Movements series), 2015.
  2. With Baillot Hélène and Iori Ruggero, “Division of Labour and Partnerships in Transnational Social Movements: Observations of North-South and South-South Interactions at the World Social Forum”, chapter 5, in Siméant Johanna, Pommerolle Marie-Emmanuelle and Sommier Isabelle (eds), Observing an International Mobilisation from a Place: The World Social Forum in Dakar (2011), Amsterdam University Press (New Protest and Social Movements series), 2015.
  3. “Building State capacities? The case of the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper Unit in Mali”, in Birschenk Thomas, Olivier de Sardan Jean-Pierre (eds), States at Work: Dynamics of African Bureaucracies, Leiden: Brill (Africa-Europe Group for Interdisciplinary Studies), 2014, pp. 271-99
  4. With Mahamadou Diawara, “Not only françafrique but definitely post-colonial: the French military intervention in Mali”, in Chafer Tony, Charbonneau Bruno (eds), Peacebuilding in Francophone Worlds: Global Global Governance Meets Post-colonialism, 2014, Routledge (CASS Series on Peacekeeping), pp. 137-152
  5. “Mali: Patterns and Limits of Donor-driven Ownership”, in Whitfield Lindsay (ed.), The New Politics of Aid: African strategies for dealing with donors, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2008, pp. 217-45 

Drafts (under review/ in print)

With Juana García and Carolina Santacruz, “Colombia como oferente y como receptor de cooperación internacional: apropiación, liderazgo y dualidad”, in Sebastián Bitár et Arlene Tickner (eds), Colombia en el Mundo: Internacionalizacion y Politica Exterior, Bogotá: Uniandes, forthcoming 2016.

  • “The South and Global Governance. The case of the OECD/DAC: a failed encounter?”
  • “Working Misunderstandings” and Ambiguity: The Labels and Practices of International Intervention in Mali since 2012”
  • “Donors between wake-up call and business as usual: Talking about politics, imagining the State and revamping aid in Bamako, 2012-2013"