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Nanar Hawach is a PhD researcher in Political Science at the Université libre de Bruxelles, and holds an MA in International Conflict and Security from the University of Kent, Brussels School of International Studies. He specializes in conflict, security, statebuilding and military studies in the Middle East, with a special focus on the role of non-state actors and foreign intervention in civil wars. His current research is based on interviews and field work concerning pro-regime militias, neopatrimonialism and the reconfiguration of state dynamics throughout the Syrian Civil War.  


M.A. International Conflict and Security, University of Kent, BSIS, 2017, Brussels, Belgium

M.A. English Literary Studies, Al-Baath University, 2015, Homs, Syria

International Red Crescent, Distribution Program Coordinator, 2015-2016, Homs, Syria

International Red Crescent, Capacity Building Coordinator, 2015, Homs, Syria

Al-Sanabel Charity Organization, Communication and Reporting Coordinator, 2014, Homs, Syria

Al-Baath University, English Language Lecturer, 2012-2013, Homs, Syria

B.A. English Literature, Al-Baath University, 2012, Homs, Syria

Domaines d'intérêt

International Conflict and Security 

Military Studies

Migration Studies

International Development

Présentation des recherches

Current research focuses on the relationship between pro-regime militias and the Syrian regime, and how this has transformed Syrian state dynamics throughout the Syrian Civil War. Conclusions are based on field research and interviews with members of both local and foreign pro-regime militias in Syria.

Travaux sélectionnés

Beyond Brussels Podcast, State of War - Reality Check, 2018

M.A. Dissertation, Identifying the Technology of Rebellion: An Assesment of External Intervention in the Syrian Civil War, 2017

Serious Inquiries Podcast, The Use of Chemical Weapons in Syria, 2017

Serious Inquiries Podcast, The Syrian Civil War, 2017